BALKANiA is a Balkan Association for Alternative Tourism focused on local sustainable economic development through alternative forms of tourism in macro sectors identified as: - Natural Tourism - Cultural Tourism - Rural Tourism - Sport Tourism

Current projects

BALKANIA is an association for Balkan Alternative Tourism and its activities include realization of projects in the field of alternative tourism which enable the promotion of Macedonia and the entire Balkan region as an attractive tourist destination with exceptional natural, historical, cultural and anthropological heritage. In addition to that, it focuses on projects and activities that help foster human capacity development in the field of tourism.

IPA II project “Backing Regional tourism potential”


Balkan  Association for Alternative Tourism

LEAD  PARTNER :   –  “ Center for sustainable development –  ALKA  “ Skopje

The project “Backing Regional tourism potential” is implemented within the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Kosovo – former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia under IPA II 2014 – 2020.

The implementing institutions are the following:

–  Center for sustainable development ALKA Skopje – Macedonia

–  Shoqata Aplinistike Marimangat e Pejes  – Marimangat – NGO, Kosovo

–  Shoqata bjeshkatare SHARRI Prizren, Kosovo

–  BALKANIA –Balkan Association for alternative tourism – Skopje, Macedonia


The programme for cross-border cooperation between Kosovo and Republic of Macedonia will be implemented under the framework of the Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA II). IPA II supports cross-border cooperation with a view to promoting good neighborlyrelations, fostering union integration and promoting socio-economic development. The programme strategy strives to foster the co-operation among institutions and organizations in the cross-border region to support sustainable economic growth and strengthen social cohesion. The overall objective is to enhance tourism potentials and promote regional values of CB regions, and more specifically to work on (1) Introduction of new tourism opportunities and quality improvement of the products and services and (2) Development of competitive tourism products – promotion/marketing actions to attract more domestic and foreign tourists. Rural tourism fits perfectly into contemporary trends among foreign travellers, who seek authentic, unique experiences and local lifestyles. These travellers want to experience rural, natural, unspoiled landscapes and authentic accommodation.

– Introduction of new tourism opportunities and quality improvement of the products and services

– Development of competitive tourism products – promotion/marketing actions to attract more domestic and foreign tourists.

– GPS marking of the identified 20 tourist route for both sides

– Preparation of the joint data base contained ID of tourist routes and scanned GPS coordinates

– Identification and mapping of the rural facilities and households along the scanned tourist routes.

– Development and implementation of training programme for tourist guides and publishing Manuel for tourist guides and animators

– Three joint training programs (2 days each) will be conducted either in MK or Kosovo*. Training program will depend on the TNA and the prepared manual.

3 trainings each for 2 days and each 35 participants

– Design, launch, up-to-date modern website for rural tourism promotion “Discover Šar Mountains’ area”.

– Design and implementation of promotional campaign that will promote the website, routes, cultural and natural heritage and service providers related to the routes

– The project will produce 6 high quality videos each of these videos will feature one attractive tourist spot in the region

– Printed maps of all identified new routs / trails (21 trails)

– Info tours – promotion of the CB regions, 3 days (3 nights) with total 30 participants

– Final event: The implementing partners will prepare follow-up activities for expanding-institutionalizing success, as well as the final evaluation findings. The follow up activities will be predicted in cooperation with target groups and relevant stakeholders

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